Monday, February 20, 2012

Good Writer

Kitty got an email from a special Ashley Madison friend the other day. He had just taken a few moments to read my blog and wrote “Kitty you are a GOOD writer.”

Now, I don’t want to get sidetracked but can I say that when I mention my blog to men from Ashley Madison I always hesitate. I don’t mean to give the impression that they will be a subject. I always explain that identities are completely confidential and it is their option if they want me to post about any encounters we may have.

There was a point where I was able to list my blog among my profile on Ashley Madison but they must have gotten rid of that option. I liked it because anybody who read my profile had the option of reading or not reading. I picked up some readers and made some friends that way.

So when I offer the website to men on Ashley Madison it is not for the sake of bragging…not at all. I generally refer them because I believe it gives great insight as to who Kitty is in real life. Some of the men I HAVE met in person have told me that they can really get a sense of who I am on the inside, how I think and what I like. That’s EXACTLY why I refer men to the sight.

I generally get mixed reactions. Most men start by saying “I don’t know that I want you to write about me if we meet.” Which is fine by Kitty. A lot of times they will return to the blog and do a complete 180 degree turn and say “Kitty, I want to fuck you so good that you write about me over and over.” Kitty is open to that as well. Can you tell Kitty is getting frisky?

The other day a guy read the blog and saw my photo at the same time and completely freaked out. He said he doesn’t know what he is doing. He said his wife is gorgeous, that he is deleting my emails and would appreciate if I would do the same. Kitty has a sneaking suspicion that it wasn’t the blog so much as my photo that turned this guy off. Now ordinarily Kitty’s feelings would be hurt but this guy’s photo was not so hot in the first place and by the way I noticed he hasn’t removed his profile from Ashley Madison. Dude, if you don’t have enough balls to stand up to Kitty and tell the truth about not being interested because you are just not interested then DUDE, you are not going to be able to handle Kitty in the bedroom.

So see, NOW Kitty got off track. The point I am TRYING to make is that there are readers out there who will compliment Kitty on my blog and for that I love you all. But Kitty is not a professional writer by any means. My blog is recreational only at this point. I have several friends who are professional writers. They would be horrified by my blog not so much because of the content but because my writing style not to mention grammar leaves a lot to be desired.

Recently Kitty showed my post about my son to one of my professional writer friends. She is a college professor as well as a published author. She was appalled by just about everything from a technical standpoint. I told her over and over that there are men all over the region telling me that I am a “good writer” to which her reply was “Kitty, men just say that because you use the word ‘cock’ and ‘pussy’ all the time.” And so maybe Kitty is not REALLY such a good writer. Luckily, Kitty is not going to quit my day job any time soon.


Anonymous said...

I guess its the type of reading ur into. Professional readers read professionally, so the question is what type of reader are you trying to attract? The style is different for sure, However, Grammer and spelling does matter and I suck at both. Hey here's a thought have Ur college friend write a story like U did and see how hers comes out?


Naughty Kitty said...

She has actually written things that I could post on my blog. She doesn't know about this one so I can't post it but she wrote a very erotic poem about oral sex with her boyfriend. She put me to shame. I am not looking to "attract" anybody in particular. I am just having fun, being real and making friends. P.S. I answered your email on AM.