Saturday, February 18, 2012

Last Night

Last night as I was drifting off to sleep I thought of our emails today and what our first meeting is going to be like. I closed my eyes and thought about meeting for coffee. You are dressed in a suit and tie from work and I am in my work clothes as well. When we meet at first we both extend a hand then both lean in to kiss on the cheek like old friends. We sit and have coffee as we talk to one another we are each evaluating the possibilities for more. At one point you reach over the table and grab my hand. You look me in the eyes and say “Wanna get out of here?” I am so overwhelmed with your forwardness and your charm that I follow you. We find ourselves next door at the hotel. As we enter the room you lead the way then stop, turn and kiss me gently on the mouth. We draw the blinds and adjust the lighting so that it is dim but still allows us to see each other. We meet again and kiss gently at first then more intense as our tongues touch I get wet. I reach for you and you grab my hand moving it to your crotch allowing me to feel that you are already hard. This makes me weak with passion. I begin to unbutton your shirt and you loosen your tie and take off your jacket kissing all the while. We remove each other’s clothes then slip out of whatever is left ourselves.

I slip under the covers and you follow coming in close to me from behind. You kiss the back of my neck then turn me towards you reaching between my legs, running your fingers among the folds of my pussy. “Mmmm you are so wet, “you say to me. I am unable to speak as your fingers glide inside of me and rub me to my first orgasm. When I catch my breath I begin kissing you first on your mouth. I hold onto your cock which has become fully erect now. I begin stroking it firmly in my hand then work my mouth down to it. I suck on the head slightly then take the entire cock into my mouth until the tip touches the back of my throat. Your hand is on my head and you are saying something but all I can focus on is the sweet taste of your precum as it begins to slide down my throat.

I slide off of your cock before you explode. I want you to hold on just a little longer. You move me onto my back and begin nibbling my lips hard. Our tongues explore each other. You kiss my ear and gently nibble my ear lobes then plant gentle kisses all over my face and neck. You work your way down to my breasts then begin to nipple my nipples as your hand rubs and slides into my waiting wet cunt. You explore the folds to find my swelling clit. Then you move your lips down from my pink erect nipples kissing and licking my body downward toward my inviting wet, hot pussy. My clit whispers “suck me” and you oblige. While you nibble and suck endlessly I moan “fuck me! Fuck me! Oh god, fuck me!” You continue to tease me then you move your cock slightly into the folds of my pussy. Your cock moves ever so slowly and with just the head you rub up and down against me. I look into your eyes and with mine screaming “further! Further! FURTHER!” Slowly you move the head further into my accepting, burning cunt. You move in and out a little faster with each moment. You tell me that the heat from the fire in my pussy is shooting up your cock and filling your entire body. You are ready to cum but I am not there yet and we want to end our journey to ecstasy together.

Finally you turn me over on all fours and plunge your rock hard cock in from behind. You grab my hips and begin to buck almost violently. I lean back into you trying to envelope every inch of you. You reach around and begin rubbing my clit while still thrusting into me. “I’m going to cum,” I cry out. In my head I count three long hard thrusts from you and all at the same time we moan as we both cum together. I am ready to collapse as you pump the last of your hot cum inside of me then we both curl up you are spooning me from behind just as we first began.

Neither of us can move. We lie together naked, hot and happy intertwined in each other’s arms. We happily talk about silly things and at times a serious note with a little dirty talk for good measure. You begin to kiss me sucking on my top lip then the bottom inviting my tongue. You softly move your hand to my breasts. I lie still while you kneel at my side bent over sucking my nipples until they swell and point up toward heaven. I stroke your shaft until your cock swells once more to ready. Your lips move to my clit and you suck as I slide over and wrap my lips around your seemingly red hot head. As your tongue slides in and out of me you are sucking my clit and I am taking in all of you with my warm lips. You kiss and lick my thighs as I whisper “don’t stop eating me.” As we both explode one more time you cum never seems to end. You collapse in my arms. We lie still for a while until the clock warns it’s time to return to reality. We dress silently then the short cold walk to our cars. As I am about to get into my car and before you unlock yours you ask…no you plead “Same time, same place next Monday?” I stop, turn, smile and say “deal”. You blow a kiss. I bounce it back. The engines grind to a start and we move our separate ways as it must be but we both smile. We know this day was the beginning of a long happy journey…the beginning.


sbo said...

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Naughty Kitty said...

Thank you! No, I have no idea how I got on yahoo news except that my email address is a yahoo address. Maybe set up a yahoo email connected to your blog. Thanks again for reading ;)