Thursday, February 23, 2012


This morning has been one of those mornings where living alone would not be the worst thing in the world. Angry Guy got up before the alarm. He was bitter when I got downstairs. The dog had him up. Can I offer a suggestion? How about if you are going to sit downstairs waiting for me to fall asleep at night so you don’t have to fuck me you LET THE DAMN DOG OUT before you come upstairs?!?! Just a suggestion. Then I asked him a question and he made a comment like “I don’t know if I have time to do it because I HAVE DONE EVERYTHING ELSE!!” REALLY!?!?!?! EVERYTHING?!?!?!?!

So now apparently making the kid’s lunch in the morning is “EVERYTHING”. I am wondering if Angry Guy thinks the laundry fairy comes to visit twice a week to do all the laundry including sorting, washing, drying, folding AND putting it away in everybody’s drawers. Do all of you have a Laundry Fairy who does this?

Apparently Angry Guy also believes there is some fairy that comes to the house and dusts, vacuums, changes the cat litter, mops the floors, cleans up after the dog outside, pays the bills, makes the beds, cleans feeds and entertains the kids every single day not to mention deposit additional funds to our checking account. Do any of you have that fairy?

So I apologize that poor Angry Guy has to do EVERYTHING around here. I was unaware. Lucky for him he doesn’t waste any time fucking his wife. That’s the fairy that I want to meet.

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Anonymous said...

Well first of all the washer does the clothes, Dishwasher does the dishes, vacuum does the rugs, mops do the floors, etc.... Thats how we think, we are wired differently. I know cause I dont pick on that stuff at all. I know what see does and when she gets pissy about that then I tell her to train the boys so that when they leave they know how to do it. That doesnt help but they do need to know. As I see it situation normal. We have become our parrents I know this and I try very hard with my boys to change things up. However I do believe some is gennetic, ones more like the wife and the others like me? Maybe if we learn better communicating skills things will get better.