Thursday, February 16, 2012

Back Together With My Old Friend Ashley Madison

As with everybody Kitty has her good days and her bad days.  Today has not been a great day. Sadly when I have a day like today my initial reaction is to hop on to Ashley Madison to look for new friends. Now now…I have been a really good kitty for weeks and weeks now but Kitty wants to play. And while I tried so so hard to be good and to remain true to that one special friend, he just can’t find the time for me.

The one great thing about AM is that within 5 minutes of reactivating my profile I met a few men who were eager to chat. Chatting is good right?

Let me just say that I have learned some lessons from my previous experiences. I have learned what I want and what I DON’T want. I have learned that it is not smart to meet men in hotel rooms right off the bat even though I was extremely lucky in that respect. I won’t be doing that anymore.

I have spent a lot of time reflecting on my affair with XXX mainly because he’s the only man in this whole sordid mess that took the time to sleep with me more than once and he and I are still great friends. He maintains that he thinks I am wonderful in bed and out and that any man that does not appreciate me does not deserve me.

I know exactly what I want to take from my relationship with XXX. I know what I want to bring to another relationship.

This time around Kitty is going to be more particular. I can tell now who the hunters are and I can tell who the guys are that are just going to blow smoke up my ass to get what they want.

Can Kitty take a moment to stress again that it REALLY ISN’T NECESSARY to lie to me to get me into bed?!?!!? I can pretty much guarantee that if there is a connection I will sleep with a man that I have met on Ashley Madison. That’s the whole fucking point isn’t it?!?!!?!? I JUST DON’T GET THAT!!!  So please don’t waste my time telling me that you want a long term affair when all you really want is a onetime thing. Kitty is fine with those too on occasion. Honesty is what turns Kitty on…not lies.

Anyway as you can probably tell Kitty is writing this as I drink my morning coffee.

And so, while I have been with some wonderful men who have insisted they wanted more, for whatever reason they have chosen to back away. That’s fine. That’s what Ashley Madison is for after all. Welcome back my friend. Welcome back!

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