Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bumping Uglies

Bad Boy and I have been texting back and forth. He has been SO FRISKY lately and damned if he lived closer I would SO help him out with that!
Oh we talk a lot about relationships in general as well as our own. He thinks we will meet again someday in person. I hope that is true but more and more I hope we meet under the right circumstances. Like all the other men I have had encounters with Bad Boy says he is different. I think he means that he is different in the way he would treat me afterwards…after we fuck. Maybe. I can never be sure until we go there. In reality Bad Boy IS different. We have a past. We have a history. Of course we can never go back.  I wouldn’t want to but maybe a little “Do-Over” would be nice just so I can show him how far I have come since those hot summer days in my bedroom and the peach fields in the town where we grew up.

So the other day I got a text from Bad Boy saying “Don’t freak out but can you send me a picture?” Now Bad Boy can view my face book pictures anytime he wants so I know he meant the Naughty Kitty kind of pictures. It just happened that I took a shot a while back for “Unsatisfied” and kept it tucked away in my computer along with a shot of my breast.
Now here is the thing about Kitty. There was a time when I was young, thin and possibly beautiful to some although nobody ever really called me “beautiful”. As a result I have always been self conscious and hate having my pictures taken. In my old age this seems to have gotten worse which is why “Unsatisfied” encouraged me to take the pictures in the first place.

So I sent over the pictures to Bad Boy almost immediately which I think pleasantly surprised him. Now I am a woman who loves pictures of naked bodies. I love looking at a man’s hard cock and can appreciate the beauty of a woman’s body even a woman’s pussy….mine…not so much. I suppose it’s a matter of taste so when Bad Boy referred to my pictures in a positive way I just took the compliment and told him that he now owes me a picture. As promised once he got home from work he sent it. His cock was long and hard just as I remembered it. I longed to put it in my mouth. I LONG to put it in my mouth.
He and I texted back and forth a little more. He wanted another pussy picture but from a different angle. Can I just tell you that my pictures are for lack of a better word BAD? I warned him. I have no skills and absolutely no privacy but in the interest of pleasing him I took the shot and sent it to him. He seemed pleased although like I said the sight of my own pussy does not please me as much as some of the other pictures I have seen of others.

I told him this to which his response was “I guess that’s why they call it ‘bumping uglies’.” As usual Bad Boy is full of infinite wisdom.


Anonymous said...

This is better then AM... :) Im tempted to post my "XXXX" file at ur door, LMAO.


Naughty Kitty said...

Kitty always welcomes naughty photos but you had better NOT show up at my door.

Anonymous said...


One thing you should know about naughty pictures. I don't think most guys care all that much about how the actual picture looks, its the idea that a woman is willing to take it and send it to you in the first place that is exciting.


Naughty Kitty said...

Oh wow! Good to know. Thanks for the insight Mikey!

Ben said...

Agree with Mikey ... O\And to me, a cock is a cock .. but if you girls love them ... I am ecstatic