Saturday, February 25, 2012

Law Guy

Kitty met a new friend today. Actually Kitty recognized him from the gym then the office then the gym again. Okay Kitty is not “all there” at 5:00 a.m. so it took me a little while to make the connection. Anyway this morning he drove into the office parking lot right after me in his beautiful BMW. Now Kitty is not a big whore for cars but I do appreciate a beautiful car when I see one. I am not sure which model his is but it’s very sporty and Naughty Kitty would look really nice in the passenger seat of that car.

I was fumbling for my office key and we walked up behind me.

Now those of you who know Kitty should know that I am an outgoing kind of Kitty so I said “Hey don’t you go to the [name of my gym]?” To which his reply was “yes” with a big old smile.

Since Kitty was caught a little off guard by the chance meeting I stammered a bit. He was asking me if I was one of the people who “open” the gym. I think I said yes. Then I asked him where he worked. I thought he might be a financial guy because there are mostly finance companies in my building. Then he said “No, I’m [his real first name] from [the name of a big local law firm].”

He asked where I work of course and I gave him Big Cheese’s name. Then we parted ways and agreed to meet at the gym in the morning.

As I walked into my office it occurred to me that Law Guy is THE LAW GUY. He’s the number one partner of the firm. Who knows where this new friendship may take Kitty. I wonder if Law Guy could use a Naughty Kitty like me to sit in the passenger seat of his sporty little BMW.

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