Saturday, February 11, 2012

Yo-yo Marriage

I was working with XXX yesterday afternoon. Things were great except for whatever reason his assistant has been overboard friendly to me lately. I am okay with that except I can’t exactly be myself around her which is weird. I can act professionally but when we are talking on a personal level I talk “Jersey Talk” which I believe offends her. What can I say? My real friends know me but whatever! I am suspicious that she is a witch and is putting some sort of spell on me. I’ve never felt better so if she is putting a spell on me I say “thank you”.

My favorite time is when his assistants leave and XXX and I can just chat. I can let my guard down and say whatever I want to and ask whatever questions I want to. Here’s an example. When his assistants are around I will say “So any big plans this weekend?”

Yesterday after they left XXX asked me if I ever heard of “Butt Chugging.” See the difference?

So after his assistants left yesterday he and I began our pre-weekend marriage evaluation. Apparently XXX went out on a “date” with his wife last weekend. I completely missed that or he forgot to tell me but basically I have deemed his marriage as a “Yo-yo Marriage”. Whenever XXX is happy and resolved to getting divorced his wife pulls him back in and starts going to therapy, initiating dates and whatnot. Once she hooks him and he is ready to move back into the house and give up his cute little condo she puts the brakes on.

It’s become a joke between XXX and me at this point. Man and I thought I was fucked in the head. XXX’s wife has me beat for sure. In the meantime I am sitting on the sidelines and living my life to the fullest. XXX told me yesterday he doesn’t want to start our affair again based on his wife’s crazy Yo-yo attitude. I agree. I don’t want to be dragged down by her fuck-nut ways.

Then of course XXX and I began talking about our situation. We are pretty much both in the same type of marriages. We are staying marriage for the sake of our young children for now and hoping that life will bring us together in a legitimate way in the future.

We talked about all the things that we want to do together and how we want to live our lives in a “partnership”. I told XXX that I agree that he has to do what he can to work this crazy marriage out with his wife but that I think she is a complete fuck-nut and wishy washy. Kitty HATES wishy-washy people ESPECIALLY women! The last thing that I said to XXX on my way out the door was “If and when you and I are together in a permanent committed relationship I will not put up with her shit and I will not live my life wondering if I am in or out.”

XXX agreed and we ended our day together.

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