Monday, February 27, 2012

Kitty The Consultant

Something kind of funny and interesting is happening this time around on Ashley Madison. Kitty has been getting requests to consult on men’s profiles on Ashley Madison. It happened quite by accident really. See, Kitty has been corresponding with a new special friend. Personally I don’t care for his profile and had some opinions about his pictures but his emails gave me a good feeling about him so I let the other stuff go. In the meantime there were other men who of course were contacting Naughty Kitty. I mean COME ON! Who wouldn’t RIGHT?!?!?

So once my new special friend and I began seriously discussing hooking up we made a silent agreement not to hook-up with anybody else. Some of the other men were sending such sweet emails that I didn’t have the heart to just ignore them so I politely explained that I was communicating with someone else and am focusing on him until we see where our relationship is going. Surprisingly each of the men responded with equally polite emails thanking me for my consideration. Kitty is a polite kitty if nothing else.

Then one by one these same men began emailing me asking my opinion of their Ashley Madison profiles. Really they weren’t bad so it was easy to be truthful without hurting anybody’s feelings. I even took it upon myself to consult with my new special friend about his profile and how he can make it better. That’s when he started telling me how a lot of the women on Ashley Madison specify in their profiles not to contact them if you are over a certain age. That makes Kitty sad. What can I say except their loss is Kitty’s gain? Now Kitty just needs to figure out how to capitalize on this new consulting gig so Kitty can retire to a tropical island somewhere.


Ryan Beaumont said...

Sounds like you may be onto a new cottage industry!

You know I had this idea of a game show once where I would get a "celebrity" female judge to judge the profiles and opening notes of a few famous AM Bloggers. I thought it could be like a Pros vs Joes kind of thing.

Anyway good luck on that; you are a good reference!

Same sassy girl said...

Oh, what fun! You are so good to use your AM superpowers for good! Sassy has also been asked to edit profiles. Even though I've never been on the site! It's scary - like taking a test without reading the book or going to lecture. Eep. But I use some of the advice in the top canine's blog, and my feminine perspective, and the sweet men are getting results! Yay!