Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Finding My Way OFF the Shit List

The only way I can really tell if I am not on the Angry Guy’s shit list is if he makes me breakfast in the morning. If he is REALLY in a good mood he will make me an egg and leave it on the counter for me when I come down in the morning.

More often than not especially these days, I come down to an empty counter. The other day I was really on the shit list. The reason I know this is because I went to the gym and walked the dog. When I was just about back to my house the Angry Guy drove past. He said something out the window but I didn’t hear him. Most likely it wasn’t “Have a great day. I love you.”

He was pissed because he had to leave the kids alone or so he thought. He was leaving for work and I wasn’t home from walking the dog yet.

Angry Guy keeps me on a pretty short leash. Yes, the expression is too appropriate.

I often ask myself “when did the Angry Guy and I stop being each other’s best friends?” I mean we tell each other we are best friends but I don’t think either one of us believes it anymore.

When did my best friend become some strange guy in a hotel room? When did his best friend become his carton of cigarettes?

I have a photo of us that was taken at our wedding. We are walking back up the isle just after the ceremony. We are both smiling. I am looking down and Angry Guy is looking at me and reaching to touch my hair. I can’t even describe the look on his face except to say that he looked truly in love. If I weren’t the person he was reaching for that’s exactly what I would think.

The justice of the peace at our wedding had us wrap our arms around each other and look into each other’s eyes. He told us to remember that moment whenever our marriage hits hard times.

It doesn’t really help.

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