Thursday, November 24, 2011

Holiday Sex

Just out of curiosity, how many of you are having sex today or tonight…on Thanksgiving? Personally I believe it should be mandatory. Don’t tell my Ex husband though because he would agree with me but guess what…I never thought so when he was my actual sex partner.

So given the fact that “Angry Guy” is working my prospects for having Holiday sex is nonexistent…unless I dig out my big green friend but it is just not the same. It is just not as festive.

So what’s a girl to do?

1.     I am going to do all sorts of nice things to take my mind off of sex today. I am going to make a lovely dinner and tasty desserts.

2.     I am going to think of my Christmas list and try to think of inexpensive and easy to find gifts that the kids can get me.

3.     I SHOULD get my ass on the treadmill to punish myself for the awful way I have been eating over the past few weeks.

4.     I should work on the Christmas gift that I am making for my friend.

5.     I should catch up on my writing and post a bunch of blogs in advance so that if anything happens to me in the meantime you will all have a piece of me left at least for a short while.

That leads me to an annual tradition around here that seems to be fading as the kids grow older…When the kids were babies I used to shop WAY ahead and hide their stuff all around the house. Those of you with kids who celebrate Christmas know how difficult it is to hide a toy in a house with very little closet space so I would pile the gifts in this china closet that I inherited from my grandparents. First of all this china closet stands in the corner and nobody usually notices it. “Angry Guy” hates it but I love it because it is sentimental to me and it provides AWESOME storage space so the china closet STAYS!

I hide the key in another closet in my office. So when the kids were young and all believed in Santa I would hide the gifts and lock them up. “Angry Guy” was pretty much out of the groove so I would try to tell him “I want you to know where all the gifts are hidden in case I get hit by a car before Christmas. I still want the kids to have Christmas.”

He refused to listen to my drivel which only made me more anxious. Yes, I am a bit of a control freak and wanted the kids to have all of the gifts that I spent so much time and effort buying for them. I would think back to that episode of “8 is Enough” when the kids find a gift that the dead mother had bought and they never found. I didn’t want that to happen to my kids. I sure do give myself a lot of credit don’t I??

“Angry Guy” assured me that if I were tragically killed before the holiday that he would be in no mood to celebrate the holiday. Well that just seems silly to me. Life moves on. My only request was that he finds someone who will be good to my kids if he should re-marry but I am not even going to get started with that.

So, see, I feel better already…about not having Holiday sex that is.

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