Friday, November 18, 2011

So Maybe I am More of a "Carrie"...Minus the Ray Bans

Before you ask, NO I did not spend all weekend watching “Sex and the City” episodes…well…not THIS weekend.

I am not sure what disturbs me more…the fact that I watched this initially because I saw that Bon Jovi was in it or because I KEPT watching it because Bon Jovi was in it.

I am choosing to post it because it is so relevant. Yes, I am sure you are all saying “DUH, Kitty! We ALL pick the wrong men/women!”

Initially on Ashley Madison I went for guys that were EXACTLY wrong for me. In fact as my headshrinker would say, “That’s the whole point of the website, right?” Then toward the end I had decided I wanted more of a long term lover to fill in the “voids” that my husband, son, father left me.

Okay, I need to ponder a little more. Maybe I will watch Bon Jovi just a FEW more times and I will find the answer. What do you think?


Chashunk said...

That clip demonstrates the gamble we take when we date new people. Nothing ventured nothing gained, or lost. You can keep trying or You can end up like me, tired of the emotional pain so I gave up trying. One way protects You from getting beat up emotionaly but leaves You alone. The other wat You risk getting screwed again and again. Relationships are one of the greatest challenges we have in life and unfortunatly we get very little information how to proceed with them.

Naughty Kitty said...

Hunk, I have no idea why you haven't found the right woman. You are sweet, intellegent and attractive. You are the whole package, Hunk. Personally I think your profession is mainly male based and the area you live in may be part of the issue. Hang in there. Maybe when the weather breaks you can come and visit me and we can have some fun.