Sunday, November 13, 2011


I keep remembering that time…you know the one. You bent me over the side of your bed. You came up from behind me and put your long hard cock inside of my wet pussy. You thrusted just a few times then said “Come over here. I want to watch myself fucking you in the mirror.”

We moved to the other side of the bed. We assumed the position again. This time I looked into the mirror on my left. You were looking at us. You were moving inside of me. Your eyes met mine in the mirror. Then my eyes moved down to you. My eyes moved down to us. I leaned back into you and watched your cock move in and out. You moved effortlessly. It felt good to me. I am not one to look in a mirror. Generally I hate mirrors. I hate what I see when I look at myself. I focused on you.

 I was watching you. Your face was tense in ecstasy. Your cock was moving in and out of me and I could feel you throbbing. Your voice was moaning. It was almost like watching a porno movie, only we were the featured couple.

You said “Touch yourself.” I was so entranced with the mirror that I had completely forgotten to do this. So I reached down and gently began to stroke my clit. I watched the mirror a few more seconds focusing on your hands on my hips. Your eyes closed…your mouth…down again to your cock moving in and out. Then I began to feel it. I felt the pleasure. All of my senses kicked in at once.

I had to look away as my body began to quiver. My nipples began to tingle. I heard my own voice moaning. Your thrusting came faster…harder. Your cock felt as though it was still continuing to grow inside of me. Your hands grabbed my hips harder and I could feel the rest of your body tense as you thrusted deeply one…two…three and seemed to push as hard as you could inside of me before letting out one last loud moan.

I felt the weight of your tired body on top of me for just a moment before you gently lifted me onto the bed and laid me flat on my stomach. Then you lay half next to me half still on top of me kissing my face, stroking the hair around my face with your fingers.

We lay like this, both exhausted and then we fell asleep intertwined.

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Advizor54 said...

I LOVE mirrors. this is a great post.