Monday, November 28, 2011

Why Christmas Shopping This Year is Going to be the DEATH of Naughty Kitty

Can I start out by saying that Kitty is probably the one and only woman on Earth that hates to shop? All I can say is thank God for the internet! Since Big Cheese is away and no other self respecting individuals are here in the office today I am Christmas shopping online…all alone. I think XXX is in although I haven’t seen him yet. I am just not up for that look that he gives me. The look of pity like “I got holiday sex last night and you didn’t”. You know that look right?

My little Latino helper is here and he stopped by. I tried to get my new “friend” to come by and visit but he is busy with his own family stuff. So here I am cyber shopping. Sounds like heaven right? Well…it would be…if I didn’t have to shop for a new computer.

See, Kitty is quite the techy and I sure do love computers as you all know but shopping for them is torture for me especially today. No, not for the reasons you would think. Most people get caught up in whether to buy a Toshiba, Apple, HP. Most people get caught up in whether to get a 250 gig, 320 gigs. No, none of that concerns Kitty today.

Today Kitty is tortured by the size. Kitty is shopping and reading and fantasizing…yes. I started off on a good note. I knew the brand I was going for and the approximate gigage when all of a sudden on my own computer screen numbers started popping up that sent me into a tail spin. Should Kitty get a 10 inch? 15.6 inch? 17 INCH?!?!?!

Now hopefully you have read my blog before this and know by now that after reading “10 inch” Kitty was no longer focused on COMPUTERS!

Needless-to-say Kitty is unable to concentrate on computers and has now wandered over to the Babeland page shopping for my own “stocking stuffer”.


Ryan Beaumont said...

My wife hates shopping also, but oh how she loves to buy! There is a big difference between shopping and buying. So she does the internet thing as well.

Hence ski vacation on my card pops up Sunday whilst checking my account! :)

Naughty Kitty said...

Funny Ryan! I handle all of our finances and my husband is not at all tech savvy so I am in no danger. But a ski vacation DOES sound nice ;)

Jr said...

I dont know.....keep it up and you will need a larger night stand...your sucha naughty kitty

Naughty Kitty said...

Jr. You DO make me smile. Perhaps someday you can get a taste for just how naughty I can be ;)

Ryan Beaumont said...

Snowshoe should be fun on New Year's Eve!