Sunday, November 20, 2011

Doctor's Orders

One of my headshrinker’s instructions this week was to have sex with Angry Guy no matter what I believe his intentions are. I had mentioned that he will fuck me every couple of weeks seemingly out of obligation.

So this morning at approximately 4:30 a.m. when I heard him rustling about in the bathroom I prepared myself. Maybe it was the fact that he was brushing his teeth that clued me in so I decided to take the headshrinker’s advice.

Angry guy slipped into the warm bed behind me. I was still half asleep and naked but warm in my Egyptian cotton cocoon. He began to run his hand gently down my back and down the side of my naked leg. He gently pushed my hair out of the way and began kissing my neck then my shoulders.

When he felt that I was responding and beginning to awake he gently slipped his hand between my legs and slowly rubbed my clit. This is an all too familiar yet welcome picture.

I rolled over to face him and he began kissing my mouth working his tongue in and out of my mouth then kissed my neck briefly.

I reached down between his legs and realized that he wasn’t hard. I picked myself up still in a daze and focused on putting is dick in my mouth. I could feel him getting hard as I caressed the head of his penis with my tongue gently sucking ever so slightly at first then moving him in and out of my mouth making sure to catch the back of my throat with his head whenever I could.

Within a few minutes  he gave me a little nudge to let me know to stop. I pulled my head off with one last strong suck then climbed on top of his now completely erect cock. He held my hips and moved my body back and forth to the rhythm he wanted stopping only to grab me to pull me into a kiss or to suck my nipples.

It wasn’t long before he gave me another nudge which meant that it was time to switch positions. I rolled onto my back. He took my legs and positioned them over his shoulders rubbing my clit just a little bit before I took his dick in my hands, rubbed the head against me just before pulling it inside of me. He thrusted deeply only a few times before he groaned “Oh my God” and came.

I never know whether that is a comliment or not. On the one hand I see it as a sign that he is so into it that he can’t control himself. On the other hand he can’t control himself. This isn’t a concern for me because he always makes sure that I cum after him so once he is done it is my turn.

He lay on top of me breathless for just a moment before he began kissing my stomach down to my pussy where he once again found my clit and moved his tongue in and out of each fold methodically while he moved his fingers in and out rhythmically.

I could hear myself moaning but felt nothing but the shear pleasure below my waist. His tongue moved quicker and quicker as my moans became louder. My body began to quiver and with one last deep thrust of his tongue inside of me and I too moaned one last “Oh my God” before the alarm went off to wake me up for the gym.


Advizor54 said...

What? Was it really just a dream? It ws so beautiful.

Naughty Kitty said...

No Ad, this really happened ;)