Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Three Amigos

When I first started with Ashley Madison I have to say I met quite a few quality men. Some of them I met for coffee. Some of them I met for sex. Some I maintain relationships with because they are just so fucking COOL!

The other day I heard from three of them simultaneously. All three made me smile. The first was my “Celebrity” and no, I still have not figured out who the hell he is. I do know that he knows a hell of a lot about the local restaurants and I know that he is a writer. I am thinking maybe he writes for the big city newspaper. Damn! Anyway, he emails poetic emails that just make me feel adored. What can I say? He’s a WRITER!! He knows how to play with words to get to me.

I also got an email from Top Gun. I haven’t heard from him in ages. My heart skipped a beat when I saw his name pop up in my “inbox”. Top Gun has been going through some shit lately and we have been wanting to get together to talk. I have to say that for whatever reason one of his older emails ended up in my spam folder. WTF?! Top Gun is NOT SPAM!

Lastly of course I got a text from the Dodger. He’s a tough one. He drops out of site here and there. I never know if he is busy or if he is done with the little game that we play.  He said he wanted to talk. I asked if I could call him. FYI Kitty hates talking on the phone so for me to offer that up to Dodger is truly an offering. Dodger being Dodger was concerned about tracking calls and whatnot. I am beyond that at this point so I went ahead and called him. We had a nice talk. God, I wish I could pin that damn Dodger down! When it comes to Dodger you all know how I feel. At this point I would rather have the friendship that we have than fuck him and lose him. So I wait patiently for him to resurface. We have a nice conversation to catch up. He makes a joke about fucking in my car then we move on.

So what I am saying is that I have these three great guys. They float in and out of my life. We have an unspoken agreement not to become attached and so when I receive their emails or texts they are simply sweet little surprises.

They are my three amigos.

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