Sunday, November 27, 2011

“Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in”

I hope none of you had any money on my dropping out of the prowling scene…’cause you would have lost it.

I made it for over a month I think. I was a good kitty…until I met…HIM.

I need to find a blog name for HIM. Maybe you all can help me. I will describe HIM and then open the floor for names.

First of all he is very rugged, hunky and in great shape. He’s got that soft spoken voice but is very commanding which you all know that I LOVE. And something that you can’t see in his pictures but I noticed right away in person is that he has the most beautiful blue eyes. That seems to be the kiss of death for me. I LOVE guys with blue eyes.

So yes, we met on Ashley Madison and yes, we met before I pulled my profile. We kept in touch and have been chatting an awful lot lately. Before you know it we crossed the line from “How ya doin’?” to “Where are we meeting?”

I was alone in my office and bored to tears. That’s when I get into the most trouble according to the headshrinker. So he and I start chatting. We have the usual naughty chat but then Kitty did what Kitty does and tried to coax him to meet. Kitty tried to coax him to meet at a hotel. I am not sure how close he came to agreeing but luckily he kept his wits about him and talked me down from the ledge. We decided to meet for an in person chat instead and a friendship was born.

Whenever I go to these meet and greets I never know what the other person is thinking. It seems much easier for them because more often than not they have read my blog and let’s face it, my blog says all there is to say about me.

So I definitely got a good feeling and he says he got a good feeling so…


Anonymous said...

Wish I could be so lucky to meet Kitty

Naughty Kitty said...

Frank, you are a charmer. I hope my special friend is reading this.